Launch My Project

Skylab Launchpad offers a luxury experience to project teams looking to launch on the Binance network. The first step of the process is to apply to launch.  After which, a coordinator will work with you to ensure your project lunch is a success.

Become A Member

Become a Skylabs Launchpad member by purchasing VSL on the Swap dApp then staking the VSL on the Staking dApp.

User Membership

Members are given the ability to vote on projects that have applied to launch and are given guaranteed allocations in upcoming project launches held on Skylabs Launchpad.

The amount of BNB you are eligible to participate in a given launch is based on the amount of shares you own in proportion to the total amount of shares owned by the community. The more shares you own in proportion, the more BNB you can allocate towards a given launch and therefore the more tokens you will receive when that project launches.

Shares are gained by staking VSL, locking VSL into staking packages and increasing your Vetter tier bonus multiplier. For more information on Skylabs shares, visit the VSL Swap dApp.